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The Benefits of Zinc in Your Diet

There is a great deal of truth to the old adage that you are what you eat. The bottom line is that what you eat affects how well Zinc in Foodsyou feel and your appearance. In the end, a balanced diet is necessary for optimal health as well as for maintaining healthy skin. In order to maintain a balanced diet, you need to make certain that you have proper levels of vitamins and minerals each and every day, including zinc.

Zinc is considered to be an essential mineral that is needed in many different parts of the human body. Zinc stimulates the activity of approximately 100 different enzymes which are fundamental to healthy human life. In other words, zinc plays a dominate role in maintaining the proper functioning of the human body.

There are many other benefits to zinc beyond making certain that the body functions in an appropriate, balanced and health manner. For example, zinc has been proven to be very effective in healing with wound healing, inflammation control, tissue regeneration and the maintenance of health skin. Zinc does have vital skin healing properties that cannot be found anywhere else. This particularly is true when considering zinc gluconate or zinc sulfate.

Zinc has been shown to help maintain collagen and elastic fibers that give skin its firmness, helping to prevent sagging and wrinkles. In other words, zinc is useful in helping skin to look young. Zinc is also helpful in the formation of collagen which is a vital element to skin health. 

Zinc has been prover to be extremely helpful in assisting and aiding acne sufferers.  Although the actual mechanism by which zinc benefits acne sufferers if not absolutely understood, a lack of a proper amount of zinc has been linked in various different studies to acne outbreaks and other skin conditions and problems. 

There have been several studies involving patients with acne who found their acne conditions resolved through the use of increased zinc in the diet. These individuals, including people with severe acne, utilized zinc supplements.

What foods provide zinc?

You may be wondering what types of food in which you can find zinc. Zinc can be found in a number of different types of foods. Oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food available today. However, for most people today, zinc is obtained in the diet through red meat and poultry.

Other food sources that provide a notable amount of helpful zinc include eggs, whole grains, fortified breakfast cereals, nuts and mushrooms.

The recommended daily allowance of zinc as determined in the United States is 11 mg for adult males and 8 mg for adult females. Women who are pregnant or nursing should have more zinc in the diets. Of course, before you introduce any supplements into your diet, you should talk first to your doctor to make certain you are making proper decisions regarding supplement use.

If you elect to take more than 15 mg of zinc on a daily basis for an extended period of time, you need to consult with your health care professional.  Indeed, your dermatologist will be able to work with you to develop an overall skin care regimen (including acne treatment) that includes the use of zinc and zinc supplements in the overall plan or program.