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ZENMED Reviews by Real Users

ZENMED Official Site

Product Claims: “The Derma Cleanse System is a revolutionary acne treatment that works both internally and externally, to clear and prevent acne in a three step approach. No matter what skin type you have, from very dry to very oily, nothing will clear your complexion faster or easier than the ZENMED. Our comprehensive treatment system clears your skin, eliminating the causes of your acne and preventing future breakouts.”

Every day we receive more feedback from our visitors, this convinces us that our reviews are doing their job. Our goal is helping you avoid companies that make outlandish claims about their products. See for yourself what other users think in the reviews that we receive. All testimonials have been unedited so expect spelling errors!

Comment Kim - U.S - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I am 24 years old and have had moderate acne breakouts since I was 14. I have tried many prescriptions, like Differin, Retin-A, Tetracylcine  and a lot of over the counter acne products including ProActiv (which I don’t like their "club" sending your more when you don't call for it). The only product that ever worked for me was Retin-A, but I have sensitive skin, so, my skin become excessively red, puffy and crusted. I need kept stopping the treatment often and the acne kept coming back. In my latest breakout I decided to do a little research of my own and found some good feedback about ZenMed. I tried it and currently my skin is clearer than ever before. I am truly surprised!

Comment Julie, Antelope, California - Recommended:No Rating: 1 Star

I bought this acne product hoping that at last something would work for me and guess what? I took it for 2 months and it didn't work at all. Stay away from this product… waste of money!

Comment Heather, Nevada - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

After using the ZENMED Derma Cleanse System for a few months now I hate to say I have taken for granted not worrying about breakouts anymore! And nowadays every time I see somebody who suffers from acne I want to share your website, an authentic treasure, with them! And so I felt it was time to leave my review here and say thank you.

Comment Ray, Canada - Recommended:Yes Rating: 4 Stars

I used only the acne gel and cleanser. They worked well for me. I would say that my acne was not too severe it was more of mild acne, but I was happy in the way it not dry my skin out and still stopped the breakouts.

Comment Mary, New York City - Recommended:Yes Rating: 1 Star

I waited more than 20 days to have this product shipped to me. Every time I called they were saying that the material "will be shipped tomorrow". Now that I have used this for a few weeks I’m not even pleased because it does not work!

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