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Social Impact of Acne and how acne affects people's lives

While most people suffering from acne do not experience any kind of physical discomfort, they make up for this by psychological scarring. While known for quite some time, the psychosocial effects of acne has not been studied in depth and fully valued until recently. The reasons for this are several. After all, every person gets acne to one degree or another and this non-threatening condition that comes and goes on its own and any psychological effects attached to it were not seen as particularly important.

On the other hand, acne has a stronger than suspected impact on today people life’s. Scientific studies conducted by researchers have detected that people suffering from acne often demonstrate:

  • Anger
  • Insecurity
  • Depression
  • Disappointment
  • Poor body image
  • Feelings of failure
  • Low Self confidence
  • Problems with dating or meet new people

This effects only to name a few, are triggered by the harmful effect acne has on looks and the resulting hesitation of negative reactions from others. People suffering from acne can end up living ongoing lives and fail in social interaction, jobs or at school.

Quotes from real people with acne

Testimonial #1

Acne affects the amount of interest I have. I used to always have a lot of interest. Now that I have acne its far and few between and when someone is interested in me I have such low self esteem about my looks that I cut them off before they even have a chance to spend what I think is enough time with me to then reject me. Acne have seriously changed my life but I will continue  fight Acne and I will do whatever I can within my means and within reason to get rid of them and look good again.

Testimonial #2

I’m only 20 years old guy and acne has pretty much ruined my life. Used to girls would tell me how great I looked and always seemed to be at least one girl after me. Now, only two year later, after severe acne and scarring, I couldn't pick up a girl for the life of me.

Testimonial #3

I don't get it, in puberty I had the sporadic pimple here and there, but my skin was clear. NOW, I'm 34 years old, married and mother... and all of a sudden my acne are breaking out like crazy! It feels like bad karma or something!  This is adding all new weirdness to my marriage! It's affecting our "intimate relations" - no matter how much he tells me he loves me, I'm sexy, and it doesn't bother him... well, you know. It's hard to "get in the mood" when you just don't feel that great about how you look. This acne issue has caused more than one marital blow-out fight.

Testimonial #4

Generally I don't like go out or be around people most of the time. Sometimes I go to sleep, and when I wake up, I dream of myself in the middle of a lot of people, I do not know who they are and they are just looking, looking at me and I can not do anything, they just watch, blankly thinking what is he. I wake up feeling unsecure, and sometimes afraid. So yes I would say my life is ruined from acne most of the time.

Testimonial #5

I have moderate acne and my face is pretty horrible when i have no make up on, although allot of it is red marks left behind from old acne. I've had acne ever since i was in 5th grade and now I'm in 7th. I feel so self conscious because everyone else seems to have such clear skin and i don't. I mean I'm happy with my social life and usually my acne doesn't affect how well i can meet new people, but sometimes i don't go out with friends because i feel i look like a piece of crap. I've tried a bunch of supposedly great acne products but they didn't help. I’m so tired of living my life hiding under makeup. I want people to see me, not my acne.

These testimonials demonstrate the level of the psychological, emotional and social disturbances that acne can cause. Clearing up the acne would relieve the source of this trouble, but many people don't realize that something can be done. People should learn as much as possible about the different types of acne and how it can be treated.


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