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Lasting Effects of Acne more than just Skin Deep

Effects of Acne

Remember the time when you have had acne? How did you feel about it? Have you had difficulty, worries about your acne problem and how it is affecting your every day life?

These are the common questions that a teenager or those with acne can answer. And almost always, acne sufferers were reported to have experienced psychological effects of the acne problem.


Low Self Image is the primary psychological effect of those who are experiencing acne problem. Some reported to have negative feelings about themselves like they were disliked or they simply think of themselves as unloved and ugly just because of their acne. Although these problems may just be psychological and sometimes imaginary, the person with acne has to deal with it. Some were reported to have masochistic tendencies like hurting themselves with sharp materials, or punishing themselves for not being able to rise up to the standards and for not getting enough attention because of their acne problem.

Anxiety is common among acne sufferers. Especially in teenagers, anxiety is common problem among acne sufferer. They were reported to be so worried about their looks that they avoid particular school activities like parties and gatherings because of worrying about their unpleasant acne problem. They also worry about what will people say about the ugly red swelling on their faces, and they were reported to have worries seeing themselves in the mirror.

Lack of Confidence is also an effect of Acne problem. A majority of those with acne problem reported to have experienced lack of confidence. They were so anxious about their condition and embarrassed by their appearance that they loose their self esteem. These people feel like they were disadvantaged and unfortunate. They feel like they were somewhat lesser than the others. This problem also leads to other problems such as low employment rate.

Indeed, effects of acne is more than just skin deep!



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