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ClearPores Reviews by Real Users

Product Claims: “ClearPores fight acne bacteria in all ways.ClearPores Official Site
Typical acne creams, regimes, chemicals andpeels, address only the surface of the skin, medicating the symptoms instead of treating the source. This is why your acne will keep breakout. ClearPores is the only system offering three easy steps that treats your acne by fixing ALL of the problems.”

Every day we receive more and more feedback from our visitors, this convinces us and helps prove that our reviews are doing their job. Our goal is helping you avoid companies that make outlandish claims about their products. See for yourself what other users think in the reviews that we receive. All testimonials has been unedited so expect spelling erros!

Comment Anacaluca - United States - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

In my decade’s long quest to discover that "magical" product to eliminate facial acne breakouts due to oily, acne-prone skin, I have tried just about all over-the-counter acne treatments in the market. Despite the fact that benzoyl peroxide products, worked well when I was in my teenage years, these acne products have progressively turn out to be too drying and harsh for my adult type combination skin. While browsing online some months ago, I found the Dermatologist suggested Clear Pores System and felt it was time to try it myself. Although the cost was considerably more than what I was usually used to pay for similar skin care products, I hoped that by paying a bit more, I would see better results. How right I was that day and probably I will buy this product again.

Comment Eric Robert - Midwest, USA - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I have acne that is resistant to a lot of remedies, so I figured "what do I have to lose by trying a new product?" I bought the ClearPores kit and crossed my fingers. I started to see results in a couple of weeks and I like the fact that it did not make my skin dry. Much better than proactiv because you won’t keep getting billed every month, you can order it, only when you need. I learned that one of the recommended treatments by dermatologists is to use Salicylic Acid, which is a main ingredient in the clearpores cleansing system, definitely worth a try. So far very happy with the great results!

Comment Anonymous, Canada - Recommended:No Rating: 1 Star

Checked out this product hoping that finally something would work for my acne. Anyway, I took it for 4 weeks straight and it didn't work at all. I was very disappointed.

Comment Peter Bagge – U.S - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

Well I had acne all over my body, forehead, cheek, back and chest… you name it. One day I was searching in google for acne products and stumbled here. Finally found what I was looking for. The complete system includes the facial and the body system and MAN I'm really impressed with the great results I got, now thanks to clear pores I don’t have shame anymore to show my clear skin even in beach and yeah, my girlfriend loved the result too :)

Comment John – Virginia, USA - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

It works!!! At least worked for me and my girlfriend, it gives the same feeling as proactiv in which your skin becomes smooth and soft. But the company actually refunds if you are not satisfied in any case.

Comment Denisa , TX - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I’m not sure why there are all this mixed results. I've been using this product for about 3 weeks and got almost immediate results. I can't believe that finally I found something that really works for me. I have been throwing so much money away for the past year, trying to find something that works. Even though it is expensive it's worth it. Before ClearPores I have stopped using Proactiv because it dry’s my skin out.

Comment William, Tennesee - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I never had BAD acne, but getting into my mid 20s it is something I would like to control as much as possible. I found ClearPores, recommended by a friend, and it worked wonders. That said, I am more than happy to buy it online, which is the only place you can find it.

Comment Philipp, Germany - Recommended: Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I would highly recommend The ClearPores Skin Cleansing System! I've been using the ClearPores for 8 weeks now and it really works, just takes some time. Everyone who wants quick fixes, remember patience is a virtue. So go ahead and give it a try if you like. Best thing I like is no known side effects!

Comment Jackie, U.S - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

ClearPores System has been helping me to control my acne breakouts, although not as well as advertised on its web. I never experienced any side effects, so I think clearpore really worth it. I don't know what everyone else has said about this acne product because products have different effects on each of us. But for me, it works although not as great as you might think.

Comment Maria, Massachusetts - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

It restrained most of my acne problems. All my worse zits and most of the pain gone away and never came back. I had very bad breakouts when I began the regimen and after four months, everything cleared up drasticaly. Now I have more confidence in my skin and feel much better about my image. Thank you ClearPores.

Comment Maryna New York, US - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

Cleared my skin within three weeks of trying it; it really controls my oily skin... and I have super oily skin. I've tried a lot of stuff; I've been breaking out since I was 14... and I am now 29, and still breaking out! Clear Pores has really worked well for me. I used to use Retin-A, but it began to burn my skin and cause rough patches. Clear Pores was my last resort. I'm glad I tried it. My skin is much clearer; it produces a lot less oil; and the price isn't so bad. I also don't need a prescription for it, like Retin-A. I've been using it about 2 months.

Comment Gena, MD - Recommended:No Rating: 1 Star

My son began using ClearPores system in Nov. 2006. It worked for a month, but after that, his face broke out even worse than before. He continued to use the product, but would still break out on his right cheek and forehead. We noticed a couple of weeks ago that his face had begun to break out all over again. He's simply washing it with Dove soap and warm water and using rubbing alcohol as an astringent cleaner. His face is looking way better. I'm sure ClearPores work for some people, but it obviously is not for everyone.

Comment J@v, Singapore - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I have tried clearpores for only 3 weeks and i can see its healing alot faster than any other facial products. My acne problem really fading away as time pass.even tho its not totally cured but i have seen the results.i used to have acne problems that causes scars as the acne heal but clearpores lighten the redness and the scars on my face..for the 1st two weeks u will see purging process but after that it will heal..keeping ur face clean..this is one product i trust that is 100percent pure herbal content..i hope as time pass this will totally cleared up my skin..and regain my confidence.

Comment Kate, Sydney, Australia, - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I used a tone of other products like proactive and other drugs, nothing worked. I used this three months before I started to see what I would call great results. This stuff really works, You just have to use it right. Have the right steps for your skin, be consistant and give it time. Just have common sense. Nothing is going away over night, everyone has different skin so just because it didn't work for someone you know doesnt mean it wont work for you. If you dont like it they have a 6 months money back guarantee. SO why not! I am just so passionate about this because I used to have bad acne and would never get compliments on my skin and now I do and its wonderful! I've been on it for about 5 months.

Comment James, Huston - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I've just purchased the complete system and so far so good, however, im choosing not to rate the system until 8 weeks. This is when you are suppost to see real results so, 8 weeks from this day i will come back and give a throught, honest, rating of the system. But for now ive givin a perfect rating for everything, but because ive just started the system this is only a neutral grade. Except affordability of course:)

Comment Peter, UK - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I tried the ClearPores for three months and it has had no affect at all. The good part is I asked for a refund and they give me back all the money without many questions. So my rating is for the money back guarantee.

Comment Elton, Boston - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I need share my story about this natural acne treatment because of the amazing results I got. I have used many acne treatments before, like prescriptions and cheep drug store products. I have had a few results in the past but nothing worth all of the side effects. I ran across their site and was interested in what they said but I was a bit skeptical because I am not a beleiver in herbal medicine. After reading the website over and over again I decided give it a try. It arrived after three days and I started use it. At first I was not getting good results, infact I called they 24/7 customer service to complain about the product. My main complaint was my skin looked worse than when I started using the ClearPores. They informed me that's a totally normal process. ClearPores unplugs our pores and helps to get the bacteria out of body. Due to that our skin could look worse at the beginning, but we should see it as a part of the healing process. As soon as skin gets rid of the bacteria, it will improve without any more breakouts. First I was impressed by how good the customer service people are they did help me and they knew what they where talking about. It has been four months since I started with their system and my skin has never looked so great. I have stopped using the Skin Wash and the Protection Cream and just use the herbal pills. I have not had any big breakouts since. I would say their "herbal formula" did the trick, since the other parts of the system are nothing more than face washers. I love the fact, now I have more confidence in my skin and feel much better about my appearance.

Comment MS, Canada - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

Has worked very well for me. Better than accutane which was a waste of money.

Comment Edwina, New Mexico - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I have been using Clearpores for almost a month and I love it! My skin has never felt better! I love the clean fresh feeling and I can litterly feel the healing process. At first it did clear out my skin and stuff had to come to the surface, but now it's almost all cleared out and no new acne is taking it's place. It smell like vitamins, which is a good sign, you know your skin is getting the nutrients it needs to heal.

Comment Olivier, Canada - Recommended:Yes Rating: 5 Stars

I use clearpores since 1 month all my pimples became red and flat its healing, I guess they will dissapear during next month. CLEARPORES WORK BUT TAKE TIME. I should see result in 1 month during this time i will use clearpores and come back in 2 month to say if its work well.

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